WRAITH DuPont™ Kevlar Pickleball Paddle // GREY (with Sleeve)

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Color: Grey

Shots averaging 57 MPH - thanks to a proprietary power core

Engineered to be the best paddle you ever buy

From the hybrid shape to the full Kevlar construction, this paddle has only one job - to let you dominate the court!

The WRAITH Kevlar paddle is purpose-built to be durable & lasts you much longer than traditional Carbon Fiber paddles.

Control your net game with lethal accuracy

The WRAITH takes your net game to another level - the Kevlar face allows you to cushion the ball before landing a targeted dink.

Or use the power of our performance core to keep your opponent at a distance.

In short, the WRAITH allows you to place the ball where you want it.

Why Velocity Paddles?

Our #1 mission is to grow the sport of Pickleball.

We just happen to offer the best quality paddles in the market at the most affordable price, for everyone to experience high-quality gear.


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