Lead Tape for Pickleball Paddle | 3 Gram Weighted Tapes (10 pcs)

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  • High-Quality: Our lead tapes are made for pickleball paddles and come with a 3M sticker backing
  • Universal & Reusable: Use on any paddle regardless of thickness. Can also be reused once removed
  • Pre-weighted: Our tapes come in a pack of 10 pieces & are pre-weighted to 3 grams, so there's no guess work
  • Easy to Use: Easily and efficiently increase the power, control or stability of your pickleball paddle
  • Value for Money: Considering you use 2-4 strips per paddle, 1 pack is enough to balance multiple paddles

Using lead tapes is a convenient way to increase the power of your pickleball paddle

Drastically improve the power of your paddle

Sticking the lead strips to the 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock and 1 o'clock positions of your pickleball paddle will provide maximum power and increase swing weight.

Enhance sweet spot & control of your paddle

Positioning the lead tape strips in the 7 o'clock and 5 o'clock position will increase sweet spot & control - allowing for the paddle to feel like an extension of your arm.

Pre-weighted to exactly 3 grams - just peel and stick in the desired spot.


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