Pickleball Paddle Cleaner with FREE Overgrip Tape - Premium Paddle Eraser for Carbon Fiber Paddles

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  • EASY MAINTENANCE: A few simple wipes with our Carbon Cleaner will remove resident, dust & stains and restore your paddle’s brand-new appearance.
  • ENHANCED BALL SPIN: Cleaning the carbon surface of your paddle increases friction with the ball upon contact. This enhances ball spin and paddle performance.
  • MAINTAIN A FRESH LOOK: Preserve the pristine condition of your raw carbon fiber pickleball paddle's grit texture.
  • DURABLE FOR EXTENDED USE: Guaranteed for a minimum of 1,000 cleans! Our premium carbon cleaner keeps your paddles clean over an extended period.
  • EXCEPTIONAL VALUE: Our paddle cleaner comes with a free overgrip tape to enhance the overall performance of your paddle.

Improves paddle grit & spin with a few quick swipes

If you're wondering why your paddle isn't performing at the same level it once used to, it's probably because of dirt & residue clogging the face material.

With a few quick swipes of our premium paddle eraser, you'll see a noticeable difference in appearance & performance.

Easy to clean and does not leave any residue behind

Unlike other competitors in the market, our paddle cleaner is guaranteed for at least 1,000 cleans.

Our eraser leaves no rubber residue behind and only a few swipes are enough to give your paddle a fresh look.

Enhance your entire paddle

Not only do you get a carbon cleaner, you also get a free overgrip tape included in the box to upgrade your paddle handle.

It's about time you give your paddle a new look!