Apex Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle + Performance Kit (with Cover)

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Shots averaging 59 MPH - thanks to a chemically altered proprietary core

Patent-Pending grit texture offers exceptional spin shots that are hard to counter

Purpose-built for competitive play

From the elongated shape & handle to the lightweight build, this paddle has only one job - to get you those points!

The APEX paddle is meticulously designed to give you an edge on the court.

Fully approved by USAPA for professional play, many of our customers scored their first tournament wins using the APEX.

Fine tune your paddle with premium weight strips

Get a fully customized feel by applying lead tapes to your paddle.

Our weight strips come with a 3M adhesive that stays on your paddle no matter how hard you play.

A single pack of lead tapes in enough to tune 3-4 paddles, so you don't need to buy multiple packs.

Effortlessly clean your paddle to keep it in mint condition

The paddle eraser that comes with the kit is made from a single piece of premium rubber that removes dirt, grime and ball dust with just a few quick swipes.

Guaranteed for over a 1,000 cleans, our paddle cleaner will last you several months!

What's in the box?

Why Velocity Paddles?

Our #1 mission is to grow the sport of Pickleball.

We just happen to offer the best quality paddles in the market at the most affordable price, for everyone to experience high-quality gear.

player holding apex carbon fiber paddle in hand

Elongated handle

For better reach or two-handed volleys

High-Grit Surface

Maximum-allowed grit texture without breaking USAPA regulations

TORAY T700 Carbon Fiber

Highest quality TORAY Carbon Fiber that drives the ball with a satisfying POP.


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